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  • Children Always First

    "First there is the love of the child,
    second, the love of teaching the
    child, and third, the love of the
    music being taught to the child-
    but the child always comes first."

    Shinichi Suzuki

    the boys have the best giggles

  • tobin violin man
    Ability develops from age zero.
    Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
  • Page turner 2

    Begin early, go slowly
    and never stop.

    Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
  • Elli and violin with big smile

    Children learn to smile
    from their parents

    Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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A site designed for Suzuki parents, students and teachers.

Dr. Suzuki enjoined parents to become great Suzuki parents.  This website provides educational (in the form of letters from Aunt Rhody) and practical materials (in the form of games, inspirational quotes, stories and poems) to help in that quest.  For teachers interested in ongoing Suzuki Parent Education, all of the letters are in downloadable forms so that they can easily be shared with the parents in your studio or program. will continue to add new items on a regular basis.  Please subscribe (free) to receive notice of new items as they are added.  (Note:  I am seeking photos of cellists, guitarists, flautists, bassists, and other non-vioin/viola students.) 

This site is being offered free of charge,but the expense of setting up the site, and its upkeep, are substantial.  Please consider making a donation to help defray the costs.  Thank you for your support of Aunt Rhody.