This site is dedicated to all parents who are endeavoring to be the best parents Suzuki parents they can be.  It is an awesome, and sometimes seemingly thankless, task to raise children with beautiful hearts.  Many years of worry and weariness, laugher and unbridled joy, uncertainty and unconditional love go into the effort.  From one whose children are adults, secure in their faith, marriages, family and careers, I can assure you that the effort is well worth it.

I am grateful to my colleagues at Suzuki Music Columbus.  In particular I thank Jim Van Reeth for envisioning this website; and  Doug and Susan Locke, directors, whose ongoing friendship,  and encouragement has enabled me to flourish and grow as a teacher.  I am also deeply grateful to my beloved husband, Gary, who has unfailingly supported and loved me for over forty years. "With love, much can be accomplished."  Dr. Suzuki

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