Group Class Recitals

Group class is an essential part of method, and is divided into two equally important activities: recitals and technique/musicianship classes.  By participating in each activity every week, students have opportunities both to learn, and to share their talents. But what do children learn at recitals anyway?

Recitals and the Audience                                  print this letter in full sheet or half sheet

Watching a live performance is very different from watching YouTube, TV or movies so our program’s recitals provide a learning experience every week. 

Service:  Showing gratitude                            print this letter in full sheet or half sheet

Music refreshes, enlivens, calms, inspires and is important to all humans.  Every society has a form of music for ceremonies and recreation.  Suzuki children have many opportunities to share the heart-beautifying gift of music.

Showcases and Grand Recitals                             print this letter in full sheet or half sheet

A mineral museum is a wonderful place to visit and is in many ways like a Grand Concert!  In a mineral museum some of the best examples of crystals from all over the world are showcased, that is: proudly presented.

Who Plays on Recitals?                                       print this letter in full sheet or half sheet

Someone asked  this question:  How are people chosen for the weekly recitals?  Why does it seem that the same kids play over and over?  I thought I would share the question and the answer with everyone.  Surely if one person has this question, someone else has wondered the same thing.