A Suzuki teacher trainer wrote:

“Reading these letters is like listening to Dr. Suzuki.  He used to talk in this manner and about these things all the time.  The letters contain really good principles for teachers to keep in mind.”

Roger Stieg, SAA registered teacher trainer.  Studied in Japan with Dr. Suzuki from 1976-1978.

A 13-year-old student wrote:

“I used to think that review was unimportant. I rarely reviewed and could only play a few pieces in books 1-3.  Then I read one of Aunt Rhody's letters that said the repertoire was a "wealth" of pieces and that it must be constantly taken care of, much like a house.  I am currently re-learning all of the songs and fixing errors that I had never been bothered to fix. It has helped my playing, my bow hold, my doubles bowing and intonation so much. I enjoy group class so much more because I actually know the songs we are playing. I saw immediate results. Review is important!!”  


A Suzuki program director wrote:

“Aunt Rhody’s letters are invaluable part of Suzuki Music Columbus' Talent Education goals.  Short, and to the point, they expound on Dr. Suzuki’s ideas, and provide insightful ideas and useful tips to help parents nurture with love.  The letters provide a simple way to further educate parents as to what the Suzuki method is all about.”

Susan Locke, Director, Suzuki Music Columbus


A Suzuki parent wrote:

“Aunt Rhody provides creative, yet practical tips for parents to use with their children.  Aunt Rhody can really relate to the challenges that practicing partners experience.  Using games, my children were learning techniques without whining or complaints.”

Heather Goodin, parent of two violinists