Useful Websites

The Practice Shoppe  This site contains numerous free downloads.  There are games, song specific charts and repetition sheets galore.

eMusic Theory  A site with “free music theory drills.”  There are matching games for strings finger position/pitch name; naming notes on a staff, or grand staff; rhythm performance and more.

Blank Sheet Music   Here one can design and print your own staff paper.  Change the number and kind of staves on the page, the clef, key and time signature before printing. Free

MES English  A fantastic collection of free game boards with and without printable cards.  These can be readapted for music lessons.  Free

Classics for Kids  Interactive games for pitch ID on the staff, rhythm recognition, composers, and the ability to compose and hear one's own music in a appealing presentation. Free

Dice Games

Using these codes you can quickly scan through the following games to find a suggested game for your particular need.

= general games
= listening games

T = especially for Pre-Twinks
        and Twinklers  

= review games

X = repetition games

T X    Roll the dice for the number of times a chunk or unit is to be rehearsed or listened to. Caution:  1 is really equal to 7!

T X Roll the dice for the number of the piece that will be played or listened to.  ie: Lightly Row is #2.

TX    One can buy dice that contain another die within them.  Roll one of these.  Add the numbers together, or multiply them.

TX   Assign a piece or practice chunk to each number on the die.  Roll the die to see what is to be played next.

T X  Assign a practice item (music reading, tonalization, review, etc) to each number on the die.  Roll the die to determine what is to be played next.

T    Use Velcro dots on dice to change songs, etc.
TX  Use dice with homemade game boards or online ones.